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That's Alabang Town Center, right? I was always hanging out there with my sister before. Your pics suddenly made me pine for home.

J A M  I E

Syd - Madeleine said "the boob is hanging out a little bit" LOL.


And why, pray tell, is Robin standing by FHM magazines? I'm sure this boy's escorted by the dad. "Dad, do the browsing some other time when kids aren't around, okay?"

Irene S.

I like the girl's costume on the top photo.

I think your blog reflects the different contrasting aspects of the Philippines. You're doing a good job.


Smiling faces and full tummies make for happy photographs.


I underestimated the popularity of Halloween in the Philippines. The kids are very cute and their costumes are excellent!


Too bad Batman and Robin weren't standing together.


aha! more shots of the caped crusader and friends!


Such adorable little superhero's! I bet they had a wonderful time.


To NoelG: As you know the Philippines is a country full of contrasts and extremes. The huge difference you have between rich & poor, between province & city, between educated and non-educated, between traditions and high-technology. I hope that in the end, my blog will reflect those huge differences.


Proud parents and cute children. The top portrait is adorable!


Ooohhhh - I like when you capture the gorgeous guys, too! :) Love the red on top - it's just popping out.


It's really nice to see slices of modern life in the Phillipines. You do a wonderful job of getting candid, relaxed portraits.


You can't go wrong with photos of kids in Halloween costumes! Great set, Batman is my favorite, he looks like he's getting ready to pounce on you. :)


Great serie. I like to much this serie. Red composition.

Anna Lyn

Sweet kids!


cutie cutie
so sexy..the first kid

Chris V.

These kids are having a good time, no?


I want those matching boots!!


Love the girl in the top photo.
The boots matching the outfit are just out of this world.


yay! batman again (and robin!)


Darna, the Filipina super hero, as a toddler. These shots makes me smile.

Sidney, I can't help but notice the stark contrast between Darna and these kids on a holloween holiday and the girl on your blog "profile" B&W photo.


Funny : parents generally look more excited than their children.

David Kapp

It seems a lot of the kids in our area were wearing super-hero costumes this year. Was that the majority there too?

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